Guidelines for Contributors

Naturepages welcomes participation by everyone who shares its objectives and enthusiasms. Please follow the guidelines below for submitting material.

All contributions: While Naturepages encourages participation, we may not publish all submissions, and we may need to edit for length. If we edit a submission, we will send the edited version to you for your approval before posting it.

Credit: Your name will appear with your submission if it is posted on Naturepages, and copyright for your material is immediately reassigned to you upon publication. At present, Naturepages does not pay contributors.

Naturepages sections

Favorite Places: Pieces in this section can use any style or device you think evokes the place you have in mind - personal, specific, abstract, descriptive, poetic, conversational. Some points to cover might be how you came to know this place; how you feel when there and when thinking about it, though not there; where it is in relation to your everyday location; how it fits into the surrounding area; how it fits into your life. If you know of other Web sites that relate closely to this place, include them at the end of your text, with a note of explanation for each.
Length, 500-600 words, but shorter or longer is okay.

Gentle Walks: The walks in these pieces are geared toward people who are not in robust hiking shape, so please don't suggest any hikes that include difficult terrain, scrambling over large rocks or other obstacles, and similar challenges. Some moderate up and down or gradual climb is okay, but alert readers to it in the description.
- Logistics to cover include the approximate distance of the walk (round trip, if applicable); estimated portion that is not flat; type of walking surface (and any difficulty it may present); and likely temperature conditions to the extent that you know them. If feasible, provide a simple map that directs readers to the beginning of the walk, or give written directions to it. Also note what times of year you have and haven't visited this place, so that readers don't assume that you're describing the walk during all seasons.
- Natural assets to describe, if possible: types of habitat along the walk; animals, birds, and prominent trees and plants hikers are likely to see (by season, if you have that information); unique or outstanding features of this place, such as rare plant communities, good tide pools, spectacular cloud formations at certain times of day, and so on.
- Your experience in taking this walk: describe the appeal of this walk for you; tell what discoveries you've made in this environment; note the spots you like best or least; give an idea of how many other people you've met while on this walk (and their effect on your enjoyment of this place).
Length, 500-1,000 words; longer is all right.

All other sections: Use the Naturepages content as examples; there are no real rules here. Suggestions for additional topics and sections are welcome also.

Nitty-gritty stuff

Text files and formats: Naturepages is prepared on a Mac, but files from other operating systems are welcome. If possible, save the text file in one of these formats: MS Word (6.0 or earlier on Mac or Win), RTF, or text-only. Or put the complete text in an e-mail or on a Web page (and send the URL for it).

Images for all sections: Photographs, drawings, scanned pages from a sketchbook, and other images are welcome, in PICT, BMP, TIFF, JPEG EPS, or Photoshop format, if possible. Provide a big or medium-sized image at fairly high resolution (150-300 dpi) so that we can post a large version and a smaller one, if feasible. If you've created GIF or small JPEG files of your images, you can send those.
- Short QuickTime movies or animated GIFs are welcome too.
- File size: The practical limit to file size for e-mail submission is 1-2 MB; please inquire first if you want to send larger files.
- Permissions: If an image is from another source, obtain permission to copy and use it and include a copy of the permission notice and required credit text with the image file.

Send your materials to: Include an e-mail address so that we can contact you.


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